Thursday, May 23, 2013

Canadiana Baked Beans - Contest Entry Love Your Lentils Contest


"Canadiana Baked Beans" 
- My lentil recipe entry for the Love Your Lentils Blogger Contest.

"Did you know here in Canada we grow the worlds best lentils?" 

Well if Chef Michael Smith says this, then I'm a believer.

Simply put: I heart Chef Michael Smith and have set a goal to meet him someday, and ok if he's willing, have him cook me a meal too. ;) 

Every time I'm able to tune in, he teaches and inspires me to make healthy tasty food. 
I just began following his Facebook page, only to learn that there is a contest underway this month of May- with only one week remaining!! Is there time for me to enter? YES! But I'll need your help! (please and thank you!)

Catching my eye was the "The Love Your Lentils Campaign."

May is Love Your Lentils Month...who knew? (me neither, so mark it on your calendar for next year!) 

Chef Michael explains the contest here... I'm submitting an entry as a Blogger and I need your help, DAILY, from now until May 31st - KINDLY TAKE A MOMENT, VOTE & SHARE.

The TOP 10 recipes in each segment as voted by the public will be reviewed by Chef Michael and his team. I am currently in 10th place after only 24 hours - but I need your help to remain there until the contest closes May 31st!! 

My dish, "Canadiana Baked Beans" is a take on traditional Canadian Baked Beans - made with Canadian bacon, maple syrup and lentils.

Anyone who knows me would say I'm a proud Canadian et j'adore Canada.  I have aspired to create something simple, fun and delicious - with hopes of providing a realistic meal option that can make its way to dinner tables across Canada.

HERE IS THE LINK TO VOTE!  I'll publish the recipe on Eclectic Kitchen with an update after the contest closes on May 31, 2013.

Thank you in advance for your time, support and votes. 

Oh and there's a BONUS in this for you: One lucky voter will be selected to win the contest as well! 
Check out the site for full details and I wish you luck, too. 


  1. Wow the other bloggers have been at this for weeks and you've managed to wrack up hundreds in days....

  2. Thanks for the comment! I'm overjoyed having made it into the top 10 already. I have been spamming all of my friends and have an incredible army of supporters voting daily. :)

  3. Congrats! It's great to see another young blogger participating (and winning !) these contests!